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Solving the Scattered Knowledge problem with HowNow
Solving the Scattered Knowledge problem with HowNow

If knowledge is floating everywhere except one central home - HowNow has you covered.

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Fast-growing businesses struggle to cope with having their knowledge captured in different tools which causes a knowledge leak - if someone leaves, their brain goes with them. HowNow fixes that.



Whether you're looking for a Udemy course about Digital Marketing, a product bible on Confluence or a template from Google Drive - HowNow integrates with them all, allowing you to create a single home for all your knowledge.

Find out about all of our native integrations here.


HowNow comes armed with over 20,000 Channels - topics packed with content from our content streams, your internal content and from your content library integrations. Give your people the choice to select which topics are important to them and tailor their learning experience. You can even create your own.

Find out more about how Channels work here.

Unified Search

Our unified search gives you the power to find whatever you need. Wherever it sits.

โ€‹Internal content, External Content, Channels, Content Libraries and any of your connected apps all show in our search results.

Find out more about how to find content on HowNow here.

On-Demand Access

HowNow's Browser Extension

The HowNow Browser Extension is awesome for solving the scattered knowledge problem because:

  1. It gives contextual recommendations based on whatever you're looking at in your browser - making it easy to find without lifting a finger.

  2. As long as you've integrated, you can search for anything in the extension without worrying about where it might be hosted.

Find out more about the HowNow Browser Extension here.

Slack and MS Teams Apps

Our MS Teams App and Slack Apps are incredible. Not only are you able to solve the question of "how do I do this?" by sending content, you're able to instantly fill the gap by creating a Nugget based on a message - preventing the knowledge from getting lost.

Find out more about the Slack App here and MS Teams Apps here.

Want to ask us a few questions about using HowNow to solve your scattered knowledge problem? drop us a message in the support chat.

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