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Report on Compliance with @MustDo
Report on Compliance with @MustDo

Make compliance training easy to track using the updated Must Do feature for all content types.

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Compliance is an essential part of the training process, regardless of the size of your organisation, or the number of teams you have. That's why we've made it easy for you to track just how much compliance training your team members have done, and ensure they know exactly which content it is.

You can now use the @Must Do Channel assignment tag, to represent your compliance content to Users. The steps needed, include the following...

  1. When creating your content, assign it to the @Must Do Channel, via the Channels field.

This will ensure that the content will be recognised as compliance material (see further below).

2. Once your content has been published (via the Save & Publish button), the content card will show a "Must Do" banner, positioned on the thumbnail.

  • This label will be shown on any content assigned with @Must Do in the Channel field, regardless of where the card sits on the platform (this is excluding the Top Pick slider, on your Homepage).

Reviewing the Insights from the Users page

1. Go to the Users page (Dashboard > Users) and search for the User whose progress you want to review.

  • The column Must Do Completed will showcase the percentage of all compliance (aka @Must Do) content, for which your assigned User has completed so far.

  • This calculates both recently published Must Do Content and any previous content, assigned and published with Must Do, before the arrival of this feature.

    For example, let's imagine:

    • Our User has completed the total of nine compliance courses assigned to them last year.

    • Today we assign them to our example course - "The Ultimate Compliance Course".

    • The Must Do Completed column will show 90%. The column percentage will change to 100%, once the User completed the course.

  • If no compliance content has been assigned to the User (or they've not started any of the content that has been assigned), the column will show a " - " , signifying no value.

Note✨: If Must Do content is unpublished, the Must Do Completed column won't factor this content into the calculation.

2. Click the View Details text, to open the slide-out screen for the Must Do Completed column.

  • You can see the name and progress for all the @Must Do content assigned to your User, and the number count (shown as "34" in the image above).

  • Remember: Only published content is shown and not unpublished content.

3. You can use the Must Do Completed filter, to view Users who have completed a specific percentage of assigned compliance content.

The filter provides a range for you to enter low to high values.

For example, let's imagine:

  • You need all Users compliant by the end of the quarter.

  • You can filter, so anyone who has completed between 10 - 50 percent of compliance, is shown in the data table.

  • You could either export the Users' data to review who may need extra support, or you may wish to bulk message them to remind them of the upcoming deadlines.

Note: Points to remember include...

  • Unpublished Must Do content won't show on the Users page, but will show on a User's sub-page if they had completed it before it was unpublished (Dashboard > Users > Gus Jones > Gus Jones' sub-page). This is because the User's sub-page data is specifically related to their individual learning, regardless of status.

  • Unpublished Must Do content won't show the Must Do banner on the content card. This is only shown again, once republished.

  • Courses that include a Deadline, won't show the Must Do banner on the content card. If it already has a Deadline, it is deemed a priority like Must Do compliance content.

  • For Live Class or Webinar content, if a User clicks the "Join Session" button, their status will update to "Completed". Even if they join one slot out of 20.

For more on the expectations for tracking SCORM Courses compliance, read: Understanding SCORM Course Compliance.

For more on how to mark content as Complete:

Watch our video tutorial below, for a quick walk-through:

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