You can easily cancel bookings for Events, Live Classes and Webinars, both as an Admin or Manager, and as a User.

As an Admin or Manager

  1. Visit Bookings from the Dashboard

  2. Select the content you need to cancel the booking for by clicking the 3 dots menu

  3. Select Cancel

4. A popup will appear, click Yes, and you're done!

For Users

  1. Visit My Library from the homepage

  2. Head to the Bookings tab

  3. Click the 3 dots menu button next to the content you want to Cancel

  4. Select Cancel Booking

Note ✨: If you've booked two slots for the same session (for example, a morning session then an afternoon session), you can then choose which one to cancel by selecting from the options.

5. Once you select the session, a pop-up will appear, click Yes, and you're done!

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