How to drip-feed Content to your Users

Sometimes a heap of Content can be overwhelming. Creating Learning Pathways for your Users is an effective way to share Content as needed.

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We know how it goes - you start on your first day at your dream company, and then you're bombarded with a mountain of information to absorb and retain.

HowNow is a great tool for when you want to share information to your Users in a way that allows them to have content shared with them at the point of need as opposed to being overwhelmed!

In this article, we'll show you two handy ways to share this with your Users:

1. Use "Release & Deadline" to share content at a specific time

You can really easily use the "Release & Deadline" options to share content at a specific date and time. Tying this in with your Learning Groups and using @Must Do's will give you the power to share information at times when you think your Users will engage with it most!

Simply select a date and time from the "Release & Deadline" portion of a Course, Live Class, Webinar, or SCORM. Or the "Release Date" from the Nugget Settings.

For Example:

  1. You've prepared to have your Team working from home for next week - so you want to share some "Working from Home Best Practices" content with them

  2. You're being proactive about their learning, so you use the 'Release Date' option in the Nugget Settings only share this content with your Users from next week

  3. This will give them the guidance they need in line with their context!

2. Use Custom Rules to share Content with a dependency

Use the power of your Custom Rules - by creating dependencies based on a Users time in the organisation and what content they've already completed in order to be able to share content with them as and when they need it!

You can even team this with the Release & Deadline options for added power!

For example:

  1. You've now created a "Working from Home" Best Practices Nugget and want to add some additional information

  2. You've then created two additional Courses: "Considering your Health when WFH" and "Managing Teams who are WFH"

  3. For both of these Courses, you can create a Custom Rule "Completed Nugget 'Working from Home' anytime" to release your additional Courses to those Users!

  4. Use a Release Date to schedule this content to be released a week later, to drip-feed your content!

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