When creating content, there may be moments when you'll want to let your Users know of the exciting learning they'll be ready to participant in. Other times, you may want to set it live, without notifications following.

To do this, simply follow these steps:

1. Create your content and complete all the steps, before you're ready to publish.

Click Save & Publish > a pop-up will appear asking you whether you wish to notify Users

3. You will be shown two options on the pop-up:

  • Yes, send email notification to [x] learner(s): Of the Users you've assigned, only those who are active on your learning space, will be sent an email notification about this newly published content.

  • No: Email notifications won't get sent out to any Users.

Note ✨ : Web app notifications will still be sent, regardless of the option you choose.

This new feature also supersedes using a @Must Do, @Announcement or Deadline to send email notifications. You can still use these tags (and should!) but to notify your team you'll have to select "Yes"

4. When returning to the published content, to make any edits, select Save & Publish, and the pop-up will appear, this time with the following:

  • Any newly assigned Users will be sent the notification, if you choose Yes.

  • You can decide whether to send an email notification to previously assigned Users, however.

Watch our video tutorial below, for a walk-through:

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