On your homepage, head to Dashboard and you'll see the following four tiles:

Active Users

The number of Users who have logged in at least once.

Average Time Spent Learning

The Average time spent learning for the previous week.

Content Shared

The number of content pieces shared on your Learning Space.

Budget Spent

The total amount of Budget spent on your Learning Space.

Read below for a full overview of what you can see:

1. Tasks: See any of your outstanding tasks that need attention!

2. Content: See any recently published content (click View More to go to the Content page).

3. Recent Activity: See what your people have been getting up to (you'll only see activity for people you manage).

4. Skills: See recently endorsed Skills (click View More to go to the Skills page).

5. Requests: See recent Learning Requests (click View More to go to the Budget > Requests page).

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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