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How to understand your Dashboard
How to understand your Dashboard

Check under the hood to see an overview of how everything is performing at a glance!

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To view your Dashboard, click on your Profile picture and select Dashboard, or choose it from your learning space side panel.

On the Dashboard page, you'll see the following four summary cards:

Active Users

The number of Users who have logged in at least once.

Average Time Spent Learning

The Average time spent learning for the previous week.

Content Shared

The number of content pieces shared on your Learning Space.

Budget Spent**

The total amount of Budget spent on your Learning Space.

Note ✨: **The Budget Spent summary card allows you to view the amount for all currencies, used across your organisation. So, if there are budgets in both GBP and USD, click the desired currency on the card to view its total.

The following sections will allow you to take action, or review information:

  • Tasks - you can verify any pending tasks instantly from here:

    • Learning Budget requests

    • Verifying content

    • Marking of Assessments

    • Endorsing Skills

  • Content - revisit content assigned to you, from this little section.

  • Recent Activity - Admins (for all Users) and Manager (for Users they share Groups with) can see what the latest activity - in seconds or minutes - has been around the workspace. This records for the web app only, and doesn't include mobile or extension activity.

  • Skills - get a snapshot of the Skill level for some of the popular Skills across your organisation.

  • Requests - see a list of learning requests, from Users: who requested, how much and click View More to approve or reject these.

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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