See information around your Users easily - here's how it's done:

Go to Dashboard > Users. At the top of the page, there are four tiles representing:


The number of Users you've invited to your Learning Space.

Active Users

The number of Users who have logged in at least once.


The number of populated Groups on your Learning Space.

Job Roles

The number of unique Job Roles on your Learning Space.

From your list of Users, if you click on the three dots next to an individual, you can...

  • Re-Send Invite

  • Edit, Message

  • Delete/Deactivate

  • Add to Group✨

We also have our Bulk Actions! If you select multiple Users, you can...

  • Delete

  • Message

  • Re-Send Invite

  • Deactivate Users

  • Add Users to Group

  • Change Org User Role✨

Users added via your HRIS or SFTP file, will have the tag, next to their username. You will be able to complete these same options, except to Delete or Deactivate them.

Export a full list of all your Users or use our Filters and Columns to create a custom report!

Deep dive into specific individuals to see insight into how they are performing:

  • Learning History - see all the content they have been assigned to, what they have completed and when, plus any tags that have been added by their Manager.

  • Assessments - see all the Assessments they have been assigned to, the ratio of completed/assigned, % passed, average result (%) and % marked!

  • Achievements - our one-stop-shop to see all of a Users achievements! Find all pending and achieved Badges and Certificates here.

  • Skills - see all the Skills a User has, whether they have been endorsed and by who.

💡 Important to remember💡 For SCORM Courses, progress shown is based on the completion of the entire SCORM course, including passing any knowledge checks (if a pass mark has been set on the SCORM side).

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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