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Deep dive into all the Job Roles on your Learning Space!

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The Job Roles page is where you are able to see and define the Job Roles used across your business.

Each Job Role can have Skills assigned to it with a related Skill Level (Proficiency), enabling you to quickly create a Job Role <> Skills mapping across your entire organisation.

If you are a HowNow Platform Pro customer you will be able to use the AI functionality below.

Non-Pro Customers will need to manually assign skills to Job Roles


On the Job Roles page, you can gain an overview of the following values…

  • Users - The no. of Users with Job Roles that you've invited to your Workspace.

  • Active Users - The percentage of Users with Job Roles who have logged in at least once.

  • Total Job Roles - The number of unique Job Roles across your Learning Space.

  • Groups - The number of Groups on your Learning Space with members who have Job Roles.

Adding a Job Role

To add a Job Role, select Add Job Role to open the slide screen. This will not only allow you to add a Role, but also map it to specific Skills and assign Skill Levels.

Once the slide screen opens, you’ll be met with the following options:

  • Role Name - select from pre-existing roles within the library, or create a new one directly from here.

  • Role Description - create a definition of what the role is, and what it involves.
    This is only used by HowNow AI to create a more accurate Skills recommendation.

  • Required Skills - here is where you can start mapping Skills to the Job Role. You can search for Skills from within the HowNow Skill library, and then use the Competency Level slider to set the correct level.

    • Skills added here, will be automatically added to the Profile of any Users that are associated with this Job Role, meaning any Users who have this role added to their Profile, will automatically have these Skills added to their Skills library (via Profile > Skills tab).

  • A maximum of 30 Skills can be added to a Job Role.

There will also be a Map Skills with AI option within the Required Skills section, giving you the power to use HowNow’s AI magic. This will take a few seconds to automatically add up to 20 Skills that are relevant to the Job Role utilising HowNow's Skills Library and Job Market Data.

Note: It's possible to edit the Descriptions and Skills for all types of Job Roles, regardless of where they originate from.

Bulk Mapping Skills to Job Roles

To update the Skills for multiple Job Roles at once, select the checkbox of the data table's Name column, and select the Map Skills with AI button.

A pop-up will appear, allowing you to continue with the mapping. Once you proceed, a confirmation email will be sent, letting you know that your bulk mapping has been successful.

Understand the Data table

All Job Roles existing within your organisation can be found within the page's data table. These will be a collection of any roles from HowNow’s own library, plus new additions created either manually, or as part of your HR Data Sync.

The table shows all the Users, Skills and Groups for each of these Job Roles. If there are multiple entries, you will be able to view the full list by clicking the relevant option, pulling out the slide screen.

You can use the Filters to see specific Groups, Skills and Skill Levels 1-5.

Watch our video walk-through to understand more about how to add your Job Roles.

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