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First-steps to creating a Pathway
First-steps to creating a Pathway

Let your people embark on a learning journey, with automated assignments, knowledge checks and varied learning content on HowNow.

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A Learning Pathway allows you to solidify a full end-to-end development journey. Whether you're choosing to target specific teams, departments or individuals, you can use HowNow to create a seamless and blended learning journey for your learners.


Create a blended journey

HowNow's different content types allow you to bring together long-form, structured Courses and SCORM materials, microlearning in the form of Nuggets, and social learning via Live Classes/Webinars and IRL Events. Create a blended learning journey to capture all learning and training styles.

Find out more about creating content here.


You don't want to become the single bottleneck for content types - so bring learning to them. Share content from our integrated content streams to supplement your internal content with sources that are already known and trusted by your learners.

If you're already using a content provider - we can integrate with it to bring in their content too.

Not already using a content provider? Let us know, and we can help - we're partnered with some industry leaders for content providers to bolster what you already know.

Find out more about our Apps and Content Streams here.

Knowledge Checks

Proof of knowledge is an important factor when progressing through a Learning Pathway, and Assessments help you gather that. HowNow allows you to add Courses with Assessments, to ensure knowledge is checked, during the course creation process and then report on them with our Dashboard.

Find out about our Assessments here and Assessment reporting here.

Automate the whole thing

Drip feed with Custom Rules

HowNow's Custom Rules are a powerhouse. Assign content to specific departments or locations, periods of time, even Skill levels, Course completions and specific achievements.

Using Custom Rules are how you drip-feed content to create something that's fully automated - consider some of the following examples:

  • Assign content to Marketers with a score of 80% on an Assessment

  • Target new starters who have just joined the Sales team

  • Proactively upskill Customer Support reps with a Customer Service skill less than 4

  • Assign leadership content to new managers based on completing an introductory live class session

  • And loads more...

Find out how to use Custom Rules to create effective Learning Pathways here.

Reward your learners

Position your learning as a certification

Gamifying a learning pathway is no longer just "nice to have" - it's essential. With a more modern workforce composed predominantly of Millennials and Gen-Z, people expect to be acknowledged for their development.

HowNow's Rewards allow you to position your Learning Pathway as an official certification - rewarding completion and giving your learners a sense of progression.

Note✨: Currently, Rewards must be added via a Course. You may wish to add these after different stages of your Pathway, with one final 'Completion Reward', achievable at the end.

Want to ask us a few questions about using HowNow to create Pathways?

drop us a message in the support chat, or alternatively, have a look at our Pathways-related articles, further below.

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