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Content Creation Essentials
Content Creation Essentials

Organise all your content to match your users' and organisation's needs

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How to add a VerifierVerifiers are responsible for checking content after a chosen period of time to ensure it's still up to date.
How to Preview contentPreview your content before (or after!) creating it for your team.
How to add a CollaboratorGet help creating, editing and managing knowledge content.
How to schedule contentIf you have a Course or Nugget that needs to be released on a specific date, ensure their timely release by scheduling them in.
How to Unpublish or Delete contentDeleting or Unpublishing content removes it from the platform with different effects - learn how to do both here.
How to add a DeadlineEnsure team members are completing assignments on time by adding a Deadline for time-sensitive learning. No excuses!
How to use the Expiry Date for compliance contentEnsure your Users are revisiting important mandatory training, when necessary, by implementing an Expiry Date.
How to change Headers and ThumbnailsMake your content beautiful, branded, customised and engaging by creating custom Headers and Thumbnails. Go on!