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Onboarding people to your organisation with HowNow
Onboarding people to your organisation with HowNow

Growing fast? Let us do it with you. Automate your onboarding process by welcoming people to your organisation with HowNow.

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If you're leading the onboarding charge at your organisation, we get it. Welcoming new starters and ensuring they're up to speed with everything important before they get started in their team is essential. It also sets the tone for their entire journey with you.

Save time with automation

HRIS Integration

We integrate with your HR Information System as a source of truth. Automatically inviting your people to the platform on their very first day to begin their welcome.

Custom Rules for onboarding journeys

Target only your New Starters by using the "Joined Organisation Less Than X Days" Custom Rule to get their learning kick-started. Use additional Custom Rules in order to drip-feed content according to content completion so they're not overwhelmed.

Use these rules to create a fully automated onboarding journey that's clean, sustainable and grows with you!

Create a culture of learning

HowNow lives where you work, for immediate knowledge sharing

Cut down on those questions, build up your internal knowledge base and empower people to find the answers they need without ever switching context. HowNow's Browser Extension find answers based on what you're looking at in your browser. It also lets you to search for learning material and share knowledge.

Find out how to use the HowNow Browser Extension here.

HowNow's Slack and MS Teams Apps also allow you to find the information you need in seconds and share it with your new starters, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing in your organisation by encouraging SMEs to share - everyone else to learn!

Discover the HowNow Slack App here and MS Teams Apps here.

Gamify your onboarding

Using Certificates and Custom Badges, gamify your onboarding journey once people have completed it. Use these as a benchmark for completion to identify your top performers through our Rewards page too.

Find out more about adding rewards to your Courses here.

Measure Skills from day one

Skills Assessments

Set a benchmark for Skills with all your new starters - from their very first day. When you're invited to HowNow, you'll complete a Skills assessment - giving you insights into new starters' original Skill levels and tracking their progress whilst they learn and grow with you.

Find out about how to use Skills here.

Skills Reporting

Once you've got the data - use it! Measure the impact Learning and Development has on your organisation by tracking Skill progression. Deep dive into your data using Filters and track progress over time. Essential for measuring the success of your new starters and their development in the role.

Find out how our Skills reporting works here.

Want to ask us a few questions about using HowNow for onboarding? drop us a message in the support chat.

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