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Adding Text to ContentLet your inner wordsmith out by adding in beautiful, formatted text.
Adding Images to ContentUpload your images to make more dynamic content - edit them too!
How to add a VideoVideo content makes learning interesting and interactive for users. Here's how to quickly add or troubleshoot videos on your Course.
How to add Audio/PodcastsAudio content can be streamed as a podcast on the go, making it a great addition to any lesson. Here's how to do it.
How to Embed code contentMake creating training content quick and easy by embedding content from elsewhere, right into your Course.
How to add a FileYou can attach PDF, PPT, CSV documents and more as content, whether as infographics or in-depth presentations.
How to add a Link ButtonYou can attach external content to a Nugget by adding it as a Link.
Adding Code Snippets into ContentTake advantage of the ability to add Code Snippets into your content to train your tech and engineering teams!
Size limit for uploaded contentFind out the size limit for content you wish to upload
How to find recommended Sizes/DimensionsNeed to know what size your Thumbnails, Images, Headers and Logo should be? Look out for our recommended Sizes/Dimensions icon
File formats supported on HowNowHere is our list of all the file formats that are supported on HowNow
Get the best out of the Embed functionSurveys, Graphs & Charts, Games, Code Snippets and loads more using the Embed tool to add more engaging content for your Learners
How to embed a Google or Microsoft FormEmbed your Google Forms or Microsoft Forms directly into your learning materials for people to provide their feedback.
How to embed Google Slides or PowerPoint in a Lesson or NuggetGoogle Slides and PowerPoint presentations can be easily shared with everyone within a Nugget or Lesson